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Alternative Dispute Resolution Bears Fruit as SonySugar Vehicle Recovered

Alternative Dispute Resolution Bears Fruit as SonySugar Vehicle Recovered

Managing Director, Mr. Martine Dima, this week received back one of the Company vehicles which was attached by Serema Africa Auctioneers for over one year, following a previous court award. Mr. David Serema of Serema Africa Auctioneer returned the car. “This is just the first success out of the many cases we are pursuing through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) approaches,” said Mr. Dima.

 Lawyer Festus Ojalla who spearheaded the negotiations, represented P.R. Ojalla & Co. Advocates at the handing-over ceremony. “I’m happy that the long and protracted process has born a fruit.” Said Mr. Ojalla as he handed over the car key to the elated Managing Director.

 Further underscoring the benefits of ADR to the Company, Mr. Dima appealed to all our partners to agree to engage in ADR approaches so that we settle whichever grievances, and allow the Company to achieve its optimal potential for the good of everyone deriving livelihood from SonySugar.

The Company has been pursuing Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) approaches to resolve disputes and grievances without necessarily reaching court trial stages. We also pursue out-of-court settlements. ADR is confidential, less formal, and less stressful than traditional court proceedings. It is usually executed through mediation, arbitration, and neutral evaluation.